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L & B Tax Service, Inc., is a family owned full-service tax preparation and financial provider. It was established in 1996 by Brian & Lori Joubert. Our goal is to become the client’s link to financial growth and independence. Through our knowledge and assistance, we can help clients gain and retain financial stability.

Brian Joubert

Brian Joubert

Brian Joubert
Founder, L & B Tax Service

Entrepreneurs aren’t made. They’re born. Brian Joubert is a testament to that. Even as a child, the New Orleans native showed that he was a natural-born leader and a businessman, a winning combination that’s been successful for both him and the many small businesses he serves through his budding tax services empire, L & B Tax Service, Inc. Heading towards its twenty-first year, L & B has grown from a home-office in Mableton in Metro Atlanta to seven locations that include Houston, New Orleans, and DC.

Growing up without a blueprint for success in his own home didn’t stop Brian, who hails from Hollygrove, one of the city’s notoriously rough areas. Always determined to make a way, Brian did whatever it took. From shining shoes to playing banker and broker to his classmates and fellow teammates, even as a youth, his determination to be his own man was crystal clear. That self-sufficiency carried over to his college years at Southern University. Unlike many of his peers, the business management major never imagined working for somebody else. Becoming a tax professional wasn’t on his radar then but Brian always knew he would do something big.

A chance encounter after college introduced Brian to the tax services industry and he’s never looked back. Educating himself on the ins and outs of the tax industry, Brian quickly excelled, easily earning his certifications. Confident in his abilities, Brian never hesitated to launch his own enterprise, L & B Tax Service, Inc., derived from the L in his wife Lori’s name and the B in his own name. “I’ve always been a risk-taker,” says the proud father of one. “I always say that I am the co-president of my company with God. So, I’ve always walked out on faith.”

Relying on faith and family has taken him far. From the beginning, L & B Tax Service has mined them both. After multiple locations and nearly twenty-one years later, LB Tax Service owes its expansion largely to referrals. “If you have thousands of people and can open multiple locations based on referrals, that’s a lot of people, for a long time, who believe in what you do,” he marvels. Truly valuing clients is the key to such phenomenal success, “I truly appreciate my clients. That’s business survival,” he shares. “A repeat client is much easier to bring in than a new client.” With that mindset firmly at play, L & B uses email to communicate with clients on a regular basis as well as hosts client appreciation events.

Not content with just his own success, Brian, who has, over the years, become a small business tax specialist, consistently sponsors free small business seminars. Through these free seminars, Brian shares the gift that he’s been given, educating other budding entrepreneurs about the critical role taxes to play in a business’s success, as well as exposing them to additional resources that have also aided him. Inspiring other entrepreneurs and providing them with the tools to launch a sound business that doesn’t just survive but thrive is one of the most important ways Brian gives back. “To whom much is given, much is required” is a responsibility Brian takes to heart. He doesn’t just preach it, he lives it.

Providing quality tax services is what Brian continues to do best but he’s not resting on his laurels. “I’ve always been a big thinker,” he reveals. “I always thought, ‘if H&R Block and Jackson-Hewitt can do it, then why not L & B? Why can’t we be nationwide?'” With Brian and L & B’s proven track record and a newly implemented franchise program, it’s truly just a matter of time.

History of L&B Tax Services, Inc

Since our inception we have experienced tremendous growth, expanding to several new locations. We launched our headquarters in Mableton, GA. A second location was established in 1998 in College Park, GA, and a third opened in 2001 in Stone Mountain, GA. Our progressive growth has continued with offices in Stockbridge, GA and Atlanta, GA as well as our out of state locations in Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA, Washington, DC and Nashville, TN.

In 2018 we anticipate the opening of other metro Atlanta locations. Also, in an effort to expand our client base we are visiting other areas of the country for expansion and looking to implement a Hispanic division.

L & B Tax Service, Inc. is highly dedicated to providing superior customer service, starting with dependable and enthusiastic employees who deliver the highest level of quality and professional service to each and every client. We encourage employees to work productively, show initiative and share our mission and vision.

In addition to our commitment to customer service, we are also committed to Community Service. Since our inception, we have organized several companies and community-related events, including our annual “Client Appreciation Weekend” and our “Winter Coat and Blanket Drive”.


 Be Courteous…..clients like it

 Be Responsive…..respond to voicemails and emails promptly

 Be a Good Listener…..listen attentively to your client

 Be Proactive…..anticipate your client’s needs

 Be Honest….avoid promising something you’re unable to deliver

 Be Appreciative…..always thank the client for their business

Remember our Clients are our Business!!!